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As a Nurse I see a lot of people. So many people tell me they think they need hearing aides but don’t know where to go. Levine is independent and and fits the hearing aide for you. They have 6 different companies they work with and also different price options. They are always helpful and available to help. I love the whole team and the office is calm and welcoming. I LOVE my hearing aides. They are life changing!!!!! Madison and Joann Rock too!

Sandy Bakich

Madison is a very caring and professional person who did a wonderful job of fitting me with my hearing aides. She took her time with me and did not rush the appointment. She wants to make sure that when all is said and done that you’ve got the best fit with the best devices on the market. And then there’s Joanne who takes care of the front – what a dynamo of energy and concern. She’s going to make sure your appointment goes smoothly and on time. These people really do care.

D. Brown

In my opinion, Madison Levine is by far the best hearing care specialist in the city of Charlotte.I’ve had to shop around quite a bit before I found the right place and the right professional. I wish that I knew about this place before. I highly recommend it, whether it is for an existing hearing aid user, or a new one. She is very compassionate and takes great care in fitting hearing aids based on individual preferences. She truly makes a difference! It is next to impossible to find someone who is honest, trustworthy and dependable like her.

Kruti Parikh Shaw

ur mother has been under Hospice care for over two years with declining health. She had another brand of hearing aids and we could hardly communicate with her. We felt it was important to make the investment of new hearing aids to improve our communications with mom during this difficult period… What a Godsend! We are so thankful to Madison, Joanne and everyone at the Levine Hearing Center for helping to make this part of our journey so much better and easier! Thank You!

Irene Liapis

I am a new patient of Madison’s and cannot sing the praises of her office(Joanne), her professionalism, her knowledge and the ability to help you feel comfortable in your new world of hearing aids. I went in for the hearing evaluation–just to get a sense as to where I was on the lack of hearing ability. Immediately you feel comfortable due to her office décor/design and her manner of speaking and “bedside” manner. We went through the tests and she explained everything all along the way so I had a complete understanding of what was going on. Afterward, she showed me my results with terms that anyone could understand. Because of my results, she explained my choices in hearing aids with recommendations for my lifestyle. This was important because it showed me that she not only was letting me make the choice without pushing but because she is independent she does not represent any ONE brand so she can make recommendations based on your personal needs. I cannot recommend this office highly enough–if you are looking for knowledge, comfort, ease, and professionalism–this is your place!

Amy Mayer
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