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Hearing Exam in Charlotte

 What to expect at your hearing examination:

*It is recommended that you bring a significant other or family member to your appointment as the exam may require a familiar voice during testing and so that they can hear the explanation of results with you.

  1. We need to get to know each other a little bit! You will be asked to identify the reason for your visit and to share any pertinent health history.
  2. Your ear canal will be examined using a video camera (which you will be able to see on a monitor screen) to ensure that a build-up of wax is not an issue and to see that the canal and eardrum look normal.
  3. A hearing exam will be performed in a sound booth. It is a very open design so don’t worry about feeling closed in!
  4. If necessary, a series of diagnostic tests will be run to pinpoint your specific areas of issue and to aid in the proper recommendation for treatment.
  5. Your results will be explained and recommendations made based on your specific needs. Together we will discuss your lifestyle, listening goals and determine if hearing aids, other assistive devices or therapies could be beneficial to you.
  6. If hearing aids are recommended, you can expect a customized approach to fit your needs. Levine Hearing offer a 30 day money back guarantee and financing options to ensure that you are satisfied.

Tests that we perform include:

Air & Bone Conduction Thresholds, Speech Reception Thresholds, Most Comfortable Listening Levels, Uncomfortable Listening Levels, Pure Tone Averages, Free-field Speech Discrimination, Tinnitus Evaluations, QuickSIN, APHAB, Real Ear Measurements and other specialized tests as needed.

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