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Whether you are a musician or a fan of live music, appropriately filtered earplugs will elevate your experience while also protecting your hearing. Sometimes we call these musicians earplugs or concert earplugs, but the concept is the same. The earplug is made with a filter that only stops the dangerously loud sounds, while still allowing the full spectrum of frequencies to reach the eardrum.

Musicians have unique needs, knowing that they need to protect their hearing, while also needing to hear other instruments and vocals correctly. To make the custom molded earplugs that are ideal for these situations, impressions of your ears are taken in the office. We then send your impressions to the premier custom earmold lab in the country, to be scanned into the system and your custom earplugs are 3D printed according to our specifications. Because your impressions are scanned and on file, you can order countless custom products with a quick request to our office. Whether you are interested in sleep plugs, shooter’s plugs, custom molds for AirPods or other Bluetooth devices, or earmolds for hearing aids, that initial scan can be used to order them all. Depending on the age of our patients, we do recommend new impressions every 4-6 years.

Treat yourself and enjoy live music to the fullest while protecting one of your most valuable senses!

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