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Your Brain Might Freak Out

…for a little while.

So you have gotten your first set of hearing aids. You are excited! And nervous and apprehensive. You may be having a tiny crisis about feeling “old” (I have fit a 25 year old and a 95 year old in the same week so get that out of your head).

You could be weighing the cost of the hearing aids with the expense of that new roof you need and the new carpet you want. Nerves are normal! Anything new is going to cause some apprehension as you aren’t exactly sure what to expect. Put those heavy doubts on hold though…we need a little time to talk this through and to let your brain adjust.

Brain Freak Out

Your brain has had a LONG TIME to get used to not hearing certain sounds, so when you pop on a hearing aid, your brain just might freak out for a little while. What I mean by “freak out” is that some sounds will seem louder than they “should be” and can be quite distracting from the sounds that you really want to hear like people’s voices.

Give it time. Go easy on yourself. Wear your hearing aids. Once your brain decides that this is the “new normal”, the strangeness of these new sounds will die down and your brain will relax. Just give yourself a pat on the back for starting this journey to better hearing!

What would you add to this list? Were any sounds especially strange or tiresome in the first few weeks of wearing your hearing aids?

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One thought on “Your Brain Might Freak Out

  1. You’re right–initially it’s takes a smidge getting used to, but in my case it was mostly because I found normal noises so loud! haha

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