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World Hearing Day 2021

March 3rd is World Hearing Day 2021! Nearly 500 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss according to the WHO. Hearing loss certainly comes with it’s own challenges but let’s also not forget the triumphs. The individuals seeking hearing care, wearing their devices regularly and advocating for themselves on a daily basis deserve a standing ovation. It is not a challenge that anyone seeks out, but the people that we see in our office are inspiring, resilient and strong. In celebrating World Hearing Day 2021, we want to share some technological triumphs as well and introduce you to some of our favorite new devices! After being featured as one of TIME magazine’s best new inventions, it’s no surprise that Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aids have become some of our favorite new devices. Now with Artificial Intelligence (AI), these hearing aids not only offer superior sound quality, they revolutionize hearing healthcare. Keep reading to see what these awesome new devices can do for you!




“Edge” mode – Understanding conversations when there is a lot of background noise is tricky. With the latest technology, you can give your hearing aids that “extra boost” with just the tap of a finger. When you activate “Edge” mode by simply tapping on the back of the hearing aids, they take a snapshot of your environment. This allows the hearing aids to make real-time adjustments and optimize the sound quality when you need it most. 



Language Translation– Up to 50 languages can be translated directly into your ear! Of course this works very well when a foreign speaker is talking directly to you, but can also be helpful when you are trying to correctly pronounce a sentence yourself. Simply open the app feature, ask your question in English and hear translation in your ear so that you can repeat it.



Rechargeable batteries – Gone are the days of fumbling with tiny batteries week after week. For the first time in hearing aid history, we can offer you rechargeable batteries in custom-made hearing aids. After just 3.5 hours of charging, Starkey Livio hearing aids provide you with 24 hours of battery life. To make it easy on yourself, just pop the hearing aids in the charger before you go to bed each night. You’ll never need to worry about running low on battery power again! 



Bluetooth – One of our favorite features of the new technology is Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth lets us pair your hearing aids directly to your smartphone. Take phone calls and listen to your favorite music right through your hearing aids! Bluetooth also gives you the opportunity to be in control of your hearing aids. Let us help you download the Thrive Hearing Control app. You’ll be able to adjust volume, change programs, and track your hearing aid use! 



Fall Detection – Did you know that your ears are responsible not only for hearing but also for balance? Our hearing can change over time, and so can our balance. With Starkey Livio AI hearing aids, fall detection sensors will notify your loved ones if a fall is detected. We want you to be independent while also having peace of mind knowing that help is never far away. 


So which is it? Are you excited to hear better in background noise? Are you ready to stream phone calls directly to your ears? Maybe you would feel more confident knowing your loved ones will be automatically notified if you have a fall. Call us today at (704) 540-3081 to schedule your free consultation to see what this new technology can do for you!



“It was in my undergraduate years that I realized my passion for bringing the gift of sound to those who felt isolated and without hope. It is my philosophy that each patient leaves every appointment feeling as though they have a better understanding of the problem we are tackling together, and they have hope for positive outcomes.” – Eileen Clark, Audiologist

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  1. Happy World Hearing day -a week later-LOL!! And YES-the Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing is a COMPLETE game changer–I and giddy excited about them, then control I have in my “hands” is unmatched and the sound quality is immeasurable.

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