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The Best Wax Removal in Charlotte!

If you are looking for the best and most refreshing wax removal in Charlotte, welcome to Levine Hearing. We are thrilled to offer the gold standard in ear wax irrigation, the Earigator Ear Spa. If you have been nervous in the past about irrigation, you can relax knowing that this very gentle routine is comfortable and relaxing. The key is in the water temperature which is kept at a very comfortable body temperature.

Designed by an otologist (an Ear Doctor), the Earigator uses a comfortable stream of water, constantly kept at body temperature, to remove even impacted ear wax. The water temperature is very important because water that is too hot or cold can cause vertigo or even injury. The pressure of the water flow also keeps the eardrum safe from injury while removing even hard to get wax. If you are a chronic Q-tip user, the Earigator Ear Spa treatment is a great way to ensure that wax does not get stuck deep in your canal, near your eardrum.Wax Removal in charlotte

The experience starts with a look in your ear with a video otoscope to show you if wax is truly an issue. Next, a quick measurement of your ear canal with a tympanometer assures us that your eardrum is healthy and safe for the treatment.

Next, a comfortable stream of warm water flushes your ear canal of any excess wax, skin and debris, leaving a fresh palette. The treatment is concluded with a warm air ear dryer and a natural ear oil treatment.

A quick hearing screening can give you peace of mind if you were concerned that excess ear wax might have been effecting your hearing.

(If you currently have pressure in your ears, vertigo, tubes, a recent history of an eardrum burst, or ear surgery, then you are not a candidate for ear irrigation.)

If you have been looking for wax removal in Charlotte for a one-time issue, or if you are searching for a regular schedule for these treatments, Levine Hearing would love to get to help you. Many patients like to preschedule their ear cleanings to make sure no problems arise in the future. If you wear hearing aids, regular ear cleanings are a great way to protect the longevity of your devices.

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    1. Hi! I’m so sorry to have missed this message. The best way to book an appointment is by calling the office at 704-540-3081 8-5 M-F. We look forward to assisting you!

    1. Hi! It is not covered by insurance. We charge $65 for the visit which includes a look in your ear by video, a tympanometer test to ensure your eardrum is intact and safe for the procedure, and in many cases a hearing screening as well if hearing concerns are mentioned. We irrigate the ear to remove any wax, and then use a natural oil as an ear treatment to moisturize and soothe the ear canal. We would love to help you when you are ready! 704-540-3081

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