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Thank you for your Review

A Kind Word Goes a Long Way – Thank You

It is an absolute joy to get to work in a profession that gives back so much to others. On a daily basis, we are told that someone came to us because they read our reviews online. If you feel inclined to share your experience, it could be such a help to someone else who is not quite so far along in their journey. I hope that you won’t just reflect on us as providers and as an office, but please share your own story. The concerns that you faced, the hurdles you overcame and your current experience whether perfect or not-so-perfect could help someone else.

Facebook: Click the word “Facebook” to follow our link (you may need to sign in with your account if you weren’t already signed in), click on the number of stars you think best rates our services, then you can write a blurb if you would like.

BBB: Click on our link for the “BBB”, then look to the right hand side of the page, under Customer Reviews, click on “Submit a Customer review” and follow their steps.

Google: Click on the word “Google”. You have to have a Gmail account to leave a Google review. After clicking our google link, you should see some previous reviews pop up. Click on the blue button “write a review“.

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Thank you for your trust and for your support for Levine Hearing!

Thank you for your Review

3 thoughts on “Thank you for your Review

  1. Thanks to this group for helping me hear again. I can even hear the “Honey Do” list again. I highly recommend this group.
    Jim Johnson

  2. I absolutely LOVE Levine Hearing! I have been with them since January 2017 and Madison and her staff – Maggie, Ana and Eileen – are wonderful! It’s obvious that they all care very much about their clients, and want to do everything in their power to help us hear better. I have suffered with hearing loss since I was a child, making my hearing loss and hearing aid needs fairly unique. Madison understood and took the time necessary to find the right aids for my situation, insure that they fit properly and make however many adjustments were needed (and there were A LOT, because of my situation…and sensitivity!) to be sure that I had the best hearing I possibly could. She is is so kind, understanding and sensitive to where her clients are in their hearing journey and to their individual hearing needs, she makes the whole experience quite positive! As a client I felt she heard what I was saying and that she was genuinely interested in helping ME hear the best that I could, not just fitting one more person with a pair of hearing aids! Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic she’s been available, and has taken every step necessary to make sure her clients feel safe and are kept safe, especially since many of her clients are even more senior than I am. I also love that she is up to date on all of the latest technology and advancements in the Hearing Aid world. I recently started feeling like I wasn’t hearing as good as I had been, so I made an appointment to get checked out. I was thrilled when Madison used a new test, I believe it’s called Real-Ear, to check and see what I was actually hearing through the aid, and verified that the volume on my aid needed to be increased, so she made the necessary adjustments and now I’m hearing fine again. I highly recommend that everyone who has hearing issues, thinks they might need hearing aids or even already has hearing aids, go to Levine Hearing and let Madison and her staff take care of you. You will be so glad you did! – Kathy Herrin

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