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Team Member Spotlight: Maggie Page

We are incredibly lucky to have such a vibrant, cohesive and caring team here at Levine Hearing. As we look forward to our 4 year anniversary in just a couple months, I have been reflecting on all of the people who have helped us reach this point in our journey. I am personally so grateful for the Levine Hearing team, Maggie and Joanne, that help me care for so many more people than I could just on my own.

I want to reiterate to you all that, while I will be home some this summer with a new little one, Levine Hearing will be able to help you as we always have.

Our Team

Joanne and Maggie will be in the office full time and as a reminder, Maggie is a fully licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist with 20 years of experience so she will be able to help you with all of your hearing aid fitting and programming needs. In addition, we will be pulling in some part-time help to make sure that we are never understaffed and that you will continue to get the level of service that you expect from us.

Maggie Page Levine Hearing


Maggie has been a member of our team for almost 2 years! Many of you have met her in various roles because she jumps right in wherever she is needed. Maggie embodies the “no job is too small mantra”. Primarily, she is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist like Madison, with 20 years of experience in helping people hear the sounds of everyday life.

Sometimes she and Madison divide up patient appointments to be as efficient as possible for you, so she may have performed your audiological testing, fit and counseled you on your new hearing aids, or you may have even seen her manning the front desk on occasion.

She started out as a Hearing Conservationist, helping people understand the importance of protecting their hearing from noise exposure and from there her passion to help others hear better grew as she became a fully licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Maggie enjoys all aspects of the patient journey from the initial hearing evaluation, hearing aid prescription, hearing aid fitting and patient education. She has a unique way of connecting with each patient in an understanding and encouraging way. Her enthusiasm for hearing is contagious! One of Maggie’s favorite quotes is from Helen Keller when asked if she would rather see or hear she replied, “Blindness isolates things, Deafness isolates people, I would choose to hear.”

Maggie loves spending time with her family, especially playing with her two grandsons, Henry and Sam and volunteering at her church. A few of her other interests include reading, taking long walks, beach trips, scrapbooking and family history.

Madison Levine Charlotte Hearing aids

Hi! I’m Madison. I’m a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (like my mother). I’m observing, learning, absorbing and sharing as I become a part of this beautiful South Charlotte Hearing community. I want to know you! So please leave me comments if my posts are meaningful to you or teach you something new, and feel free to tweet me at @LevineHearing!

13 thoughts on “Team Member Spotlight: Maggie Page

  1. I want to thank everyone for their help at Levine Hearing today. The front desk was courteous and helpful. Mrs. Maggie made my visit very comfortable and was very patient with the numerous questions. My wife and I Iook forward to working together with you all!
    Thank you again!
    Blessings and success to you!
    Pastor Clark

  2. The whole team that works in your practice are so nice. I have given your name as referrals to a lot of friends!

  3. I ,too, am VERY grateful for Maggie–she helped solved a mystery I was having with my hearing aids and iphone compatability and the whole team worked with me to make the change to the correct phone. This was an accidental oversight but Maggie was the lead detective who made it happen–VERY grateful to have hearing aids that work flawlessly!!

  4. I met Maggie at an event at the Levine Senior Center, and she made me feel very comfortable. That’s important for those of us who are starting to struggle with some hearing challenges.

  5. Hi! What a terrific team you seem to have! I can’t wait to meet y’all. My friend Amy referred me to you recently after I had an unpleasant experience at another hearing office so I am looking forward to figuring out a plan that is best suited for me with people who care.
    Best to all the team!

  6. Maggie is a fantastic individual. She has always shown genuine kindness and understanding towards me since my first visit. The last time I came in she sat with me for an extended period of time working with me to test and adjust my different hearing aid settings for my personal needs. I’m truly thankful for her! I’ve seen a big improvement in my understanding since that visit!

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