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Get Hearing Aid Repairs in Charlotte

If you are looking for a provider to perform hearing aid repairs in Charlotte, North Carolina, then Levine Hearing is a great choice. As an independent office, we can clean or repair any make or model of hearing aid.

Hearing Aid CleaningGet Hearing Aid Repairs in Charlotte

We recommend that your hearing aids get a deep cleaning every 6 months in our office. If you are unsure of how to keep up routine cleaning maintenance at home, our staff or provider can give you some tips and supply tools like a cleaning brush and hearing aid wax filters to increase your hearing aid performance.

When you bring in your hearing aids for a 6 month cleaning, we use a vacuum to deep-clean the hearing aids inside the speakers and microphones, beyond what you are able to do at home. It is incredibly common for patients to come in with a hearing aid that is under-performing or seems “dead”, but a simple cleaning resolves the issue.

Hearing Aid RepairsGet Hearing Aid Repairs in Charlotte

Many small hearing aid repairs like a broken battery door or a missing retrieval line can be fixed in the office during a brief wait. More complicated hearing aid repairs involving electrical components may require us to send the hearing aids in to a repair lab. If your hearing aid is in warranty, then it will be sent out under that warranty, with only a charge for shipping. If it is out of warranty, the repair will be evaluated and you will receive a quote for the repair to decide if you are ready to send it out.

Get Hearing Aid Repairs in Charlotte

Hearing Aid Reprogramming

As an independent practice, Levine Hearing has accounts with all major manufacturers and many smaller ones as well, so that patients who are moving to town or are unhappy with their current provider, can switch to Levine Hearing. Reprogramming can mean a tweak to the settings to improve sound quality, or it can mean a total refit of a hearing aid purchased elsewhere. Brands that we can reprogram include: Starkey, Phonak, Resound, Siemens, Signia, Sivantos, Unitron, Rexton, NuEar, Oticon and others.

Call 704-540-3081 today to book an appointment for a Hearing Aid Cleaning, Hearing Aid Repair, or Hearing Aid Reprogramming.

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  1. The beauty of this office: As an independent office, we can clean or repair any make or model of hearing aid.– invaluable!

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