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Hear On The Phone | Important Tips

Hi friends!

If you wear hearing aids that fit behind your ear, I have a special tip for you! Most of us press the phone harder into the ear when struggling to hear on the phone but that will only make things worse for you. Try raising the receiver of the phone an inch or two higher than your ear canal. Your microphone is up above your ear, not at your ear canal. Find the “sweet spot” and stay there!

Madison Levine hearing aids

What about a CapTel phone? If you have a landline and are interested in a captioned telephone at home, I can get one installed for you for free as long as I’ve evaluated your hearing in the past. I send in a simple form and they will schedule delivery!

Hear On The Phone | Important Tips

Are your hearing aids Bluetooth enabled? You may have the feature and just aren’t using it. I’m happy to check for you and send instruction for you to turn it on yourself. This allows calls to be streamed into your hearing aids hands free and can really help with clarity over the phone.

Hear On The Phone | Important Tips

I hope you are safe and well! Let me know if you need anything. We are open for emergencies. or Contact us here.

Hear On The Phone | Important Tips

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