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Check 4 Bracket to Hear Better and Feel Better By Maggie Page

By Maggie Page, HIS

Hear Better and Feel Better!

You don’t have to be a basketball fan to participate in our March Madness Bracket

Bracket Number One: Hear Better

Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control. The good news is that hearing loss is also a very treatable condition and the benefits of better hearing are far-reaching.

Bracket Number Two: Become More Social

One of the most common reasons people pursue better hearing is to stay connected with their loved ones and friends. Hearing conversations clearly is key to keeping our cognitive skills sharp by engaging with the people around us. Hearing the punch line of a joke, a  baby laughing, or even being aware of warning signals can have a great positive effect on our well being. Independence is another reason people want to hear better.

Recently, I had the opportunity to help a woman regain her independence through her hearing. After getting new hearing aids, she was thrilled when she went out with her friends and was able to understand them easily. Her countenance also changed, she was a more confident person and she felt better. That is why I always say that when you hear better, you feel better.

Bracket Number Three: Improve Career Opportunities 

Hearing loss can be exhausting especially if you are trying to keep up with a demanding profession. Treated hearing loss can give an edge in earning income potential. Think of the day to day demands each of us has in our professional lives with deadlines after deadlines. The ability to hear better can lead to better communication and better communication can lead to increased earnings due to better job performance. In an article from the Better Hearing Institute, a study shows just how important hearing better is in the workforce. Most jobs require some form of verbal communication.

Hearing job assignments and responding correctly is key to performance. Hearing better can also ensure safety on the job. The data in the study also shows that hearing-impaired individuals can be expected to suffer losses in compensation due to underemployment. BHI states that many hearing impaired employees can earn up to $12,000 less annually. The stigma of wearing hearing aids is lessening and the benefits are increasing. The good news is that hearing aid technology has come a long way, making it a great professional investment.

Bracket Number Four: Hear Better Feel Better

You see, the benefits of hearing better really do make you feel better. They help with social engagement with family and friends, the lower you listening effort, and they can give you the freedom of being more independent and potentially earn a higher income.

Maggie Page, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hi! I’m Maggie. I have been helping Charlotte hear better for nearly two decades! I love giving the gift of hearing to my friends and neighbors. Please leave me comments if my posts are meaningful to you or teach you something new, and feel free to tweet us at @LevineHearing!

5 thoughts on “Check 4 Bracket to Hear Better and Feel Better By Maggie Page

  1. No more frustration during conversations! Thank you ladies for all your help. I had no idea what I was missing out on!

  2. New world has opened up! Hearing sounds I don’t remember being able to hear in years! So glad I attended the lunch seminar and followed up by having the hearing test and getting aids. Thank You.

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