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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

You may have heard the buzz about “wearables“, the trendy new term for things like a “Fitbit” that measures your heart rate and activity, or the “Cuff” which is beautiful jewelry designed with a button to contact relatives in emergencies. These are items that serve multiple purposes and are worn on the body.
How about the original in wearables…..yes, hearing aids. They have gotten smaller, sleeker and most importantly SMARTER. Did you know hearing aids today can connect to your iPhone or Android device? Introducing bluetooth hearing aids.

Imagine this:

  • Streaming music straight to your ears, wirelessly. Pandora, CNN, you name it.
  • Answering phone calls hands-free.
  • Reciting your grocery list to your devices and then playing it back while standing in the milk aisle.
  • Using your phone as an inconspicuous remote to adjust your volume.
  • Oh yah, and understanding people more clearly!

Resound Hearing Aids
Connecting your phone to your hearing device is the same as connecting any bluetooth device. You just go into Settings, Bluetooth, and Find Devices.
Hearing aids are an investment in your hearing, your health, and now, they are a value add for your lifestyle. Bluetooth hearing aids certainly aren’t for everyone. I have many patients on the “KISS” plan (Keep It Simple Stupid…and I’m the “stupid” in this scenario 😉 ) They want better hearing, ease of use, and automatic features. But for the techy crowd, these new bluetooth hearing aids are a dream come true! If you hear the term “app” and don’t think of food, then bluetooth hearing aids may just be for you!
Starkey Halo hearing aids
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One thought on “Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my bluetooth hearing aids–phenomenal and so easy to use and have the controls at your own hand

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