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The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid

A rechargeable hearing aid that is worth it’s salt?!

The Phonak B-R series was just released in September of 2016, featuring the very first rechargeable hearing aid with a lithium ion battery that will run for 24 hours from a single charge! The past iterations of rechargeable batteries left users with limited hours of usage and difficulty in rationalizing the cost, but I am thoroughly impressed with this new release. As of today, the Phonak B-R is the best rechargeable hearing aid available.

The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Some of my initial concerns were about how long the lithium battery would last and how people would charge their aids in the event of a power outage. The battery is expected to last 4-5 years and will be replaced any time that the hearing aid is sent in for service. That means that in year 3, still under warranty, this hearing aid could be sent in and receive a brand new battery still under warranty. That solves that! For my second concern, a simple “power pack” can be purchased to store an additional 7 days of charges. Crisis averted.

Features include:

  • 24 hour usage from a 3 hour charge
  • Miniature charging station option
  • Ability to insert a desiccant into the case (to dehumidify aids)
  • Optional “power pack” supplemental battery to plug into charging case in case of power outage or camping
  • Lithium battery lasts 4-5 years with replacements easily made under warranty or after.

Traditional batteries are easily changed and can be a nominal expense (especially if you are in my battery club!), but I would consider the Phonak B-R series for patients with some dexterity concerns and those who are tired of the traditional battery change routine. Feel free to call or email me with questions about the best rechargeable hearing aid to date! The entire portfolio of Phonak Hearing aids are available at Levine Hearing.

Madison Levine

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