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Hearing Help From Madison During COVID-19

Hi friends,

I hope you are all safe and sound during COVID-19. Perhaps you are starting to accept the current routine and have let go of some of the anxiety of the unknown. Maybe you are still in a state of stress. This whole situation has reminded me in some ways of the cycle of grief.

We are were in shock and denial, we bargained, we were angry, depressed and eventually we accept the situation. That doesn’t mean that it just becomes easy, but when you are ready, I hope you will see the silver linings and make the most of a difficult situation. I want to provide the hearing help during COVID-19 that you need.

Personally, I am unbelievably grateful for this time with my two little babies. My two year old daughter and my 10 month old son are getting attention from Mommy and Daddy like they could never have imagined.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my work and prior to this situation, I was feeling pretty balanced and really thankful for an incredible team of caretakers that kept my children engaged and happy while I took care of my patients during the day. Still, this mini “maternity leave” is a silver lining for me. I will always look back at this time and the memories that we made and be grateful. What is your silver lining?

Now, on to the harder parts. I want to see each of you and keep you hearing at your absolute best while also keeping you safe. This has forced me to look at inefficiencies in the business and to create better systems to serve you.

Madison Levine Clean Hearing Aids

For instance, if you need supplies, please follow {THIS LINK} to request them.

For minor in-person needs, I have been providing “curbside” service. You drive into the parking lot and I can meet you at your car.

I have been creating video content for you to help with common problems that I see in the office.

If you want a refresher on how to {clean your hearing aids}, how to {put on a RIC} correctly, or if you need a soft jab that you should be {wearing your hearing aids at home} right now, then just follow the links to my videos.

I have two big points to make to my patients wearing hearing aids during this COVID-19 crisis.

  1. WEAR YOUR HEARING AIDS. Yes, that is my soft jab. Yes, I want you to wear them even if you are at home all alone or with just your closest family (they will thank you). I have told you this from the very beginning. The more you wear the hearing aids, the better adjusted you will be and the happier you will feel with the sound quality. Even in your quiet house, there Face mask extender are ambient sounds like the air conditioner kicking on, traffic outside your door, footsteps down the hall and even your own breathing. If you go days without wearing your hearing aids, then you will be asking your brain to readjust at the drop of a dime when you start back. Just put them on in the morning and wear them all day
  2. Pay special attention to your aids while wearing a mask. Unfortunately, I have already had a couple of people who have lost aids because the elastic of their mask conflicted with their aids.

Check out Etsy and also {this link} for a couple of solutions that can improve the comfort of wearing both a mask and your hearing aids, but don’t let those lull you into false security. Check and double check that your aids aren’t loose and have not come off when you remove your mask. If you want help ordering a facemask extender, I am happy to get you one! You can contact us here.

Right now, I am here to help you hear through this stay-at-home order. When we are able to start seeing patients on a more regular basis in the office, I anticipate that it will look a little different, but I am so looking forward to seeing all of you.

Hearing Help From Madison During COVID-19

Stay in touch!
Sincerely, Madison

2 thoughts on “Hearing Help From Madison During COVID-19

  1. My biggest complaint is that the insurance companies are willing to pay for a sex change but are not willing to pay for a real need, like hearing aids. The cost to me has been what keeps me out of your clinic. I would love to have hearing aids but they are so expensive. Do you see this changing anytime soon?

    1. I wish they had more coverage too! I’m not sure when or how it will change but I try to find good options in every price category. A lot of people can handle a monthly payment of $50 or $100 but don’t want to pay everything upfront, which is always an option. If you can’t afford the out of pocket expense at all, there are definitely some good options that are income based. The NCDHHS has a great program (

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