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11 Reasons to Consider Hearing Aids NOW

Why You Should Consider Hearing Aids Now

  1. Your family and friends will appreciate not having to strain their voices or repeat for you (as often).You are more likely to hear warning sounds like a fire alarm, a car horn, or someone’s footsteps approaching.
  2. It can reduce anxiety and stress to not have to strain and focus so hard on understanding what people are saying.
  3. Hearing loss almost always continues to get worse (except in some rare cases), so waiting for things to get better is really not an option.
  4. Wearing a hearing aid can significantly protect your cognitive ability to understand words. Wearing hearing aids keeps your brain stimulated.
  5. Wearing two aids or wearing an aid on one side with a unilateral  hearing loss, can help you sense the direction of sounds, improving your balance.
  6. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to dementia.
  7. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to depression and introversion.
  8. Untreated hearing loss can cause you to misunderstand words. This can lead you to miss appointments, to meet at the wrong place, and can cause disagreements and conflict between family members.
  9. Tinnitus, a catch-all term for ringing in the ears or a sound that isn’t actually occurring in your environment, can be soothed and even masked by a hearing aid.
  10. The sounds you miss today are forever gone. Your grandchild’s whisper, the birds on your back patio, the punchline of the joke at dinner.

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One thought on “11 Reasons to Consider Hearing Aids NOW

  1. ok–if this list doesn’t encourage people to look into correcting their hearing loss I don;t know what will–excellent!!!

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