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Fall Risk Assessment and Reduction

Fall Risk Assessment and Reduction

When you’re reaching for a hat hung high in your closet, or that dish on the very top shelf of your kitchen cabinet, do you ever feel wobbly like you may fall, or have you fallen already?

Maybe you feel unsteady on your feet and have to grasp onto the cart when perusing down the aisles of your local grocery store.

If when completing typical daily activities you find yourself:

  • Wishing you had better balance
  • Searching for dizziness relief
  • Unconfident in your footing
  • Nervous about being alone
  • Reliant on nearby objects to hold you up

It Is Time for a Fall Risk Assessment!

In fact, the Cleveland Clinic recommends taking a fall risk assessment annually once you have reached the age of 65. A fall risk assessment will assess your balance and safety throughout your tasks of daily living.

Here’s an Alarming Statistic

According to our partner, the American Institute of Balance, it is estimated that one-third of adults exceeding the age of 65-years-old fall once in their lifetime, and that these falls can lead to serious injuries at least 30% of the time. We want to lower these statistics!

When suffering from dizziness and imbalance, the prominent concern is the probability of taking hard falls that can lead to serious injuries and in some cases fatality. It is important to take this assessment to gain a grasp of the danger that your body is in, and then take the necessary steps to decrease the probability of falling.

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