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The Best Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids

New, Starkey rechargeable hearing aids were released in their already successful Muse series of devices in February of 2017. Now that I have had a few months to fit them and get patient feedback, I thought I would share with you why I think it is one of the best rechargeable devices on the market today.

Why Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids Might be The Right Choice For YouThe Best Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  1. Great news! If you already have a Starkey Muse hearing aid that is not rechargeable, we can upgrade it! Call the office to see if your hearing aids are eligible (there is a fee for this upgrade).
  2. Only 4 hours on the charger provides 24 hours of continuous power. (No worries about over-charging though, just leave on the charger overnight)
  3. A blinking green light easily informs you that the hearing aid is in fact charging.
  4. There is no need to turn the hearing aid on or off for charging. Just set it in the case at night, and pick it up in the morning and put it on. (Great for people with dexterity issues with opening battery doors)
  5. The rechargeable battery can easily be replaced with a regular size 312 disposable battery. If you leave town without your charger, you will never be left in a lurch.
  6. The Starkey Muse series still connects directly with accessories like the TV streamer (Surflink Media), Remote control (Surflink Remote), and Bluetooth phone streamer (Surflink Mobile).
  7. This is one of the smallest rechargeable hearing aids available, whereas some other brands have had to make a larger device to fit in the charging power.

Since introducing these Starkey rechargeable hearing aids in February, patients have been universally happy with the charging function. On every checkup, I have asked patients how comfortable they felt charging them, but most often they look at me like that is the silliest question! Patients in their 50’s and patients in their 90’s have all found it to be incredibly simple, and a headache reducer to not have to change those dang batteries every week.

A couple of tips about the charger. Occasionally the hearing aid needs a little wiggle in its case for that green light to turn on. This has not been an issue for patients, but I have been careful to inform everyone of this before they take the charger home.

I do have one blind patient who recently got this charger and I am disappointed to say that there is no other way to tell that they are successfully charging other than to look for that green light. I wish there was a beep, a vibration or click to verify charging and I have passed that request up the chain of command at Starkey.

There are other rechargeable options on the market and each has pros and cons that we can discuss in the office. Schedule a consultation to learn more (704-540-3081).

Hi! I’m Madison. I’m a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (like my mother). I’m  observing, learning, absorbing and sharing as I become a part of this beautiful South Charlotte Hearing community. I want to know you! So please leave me comments if  my posts are meaningful to you or teach you something new, and feel free to tweet  me at @LevineHearing!

5 thoughts on “The Best Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  1. Is there any rechargeable option for my Starkey Ignite 312 RIC aids? I have a charger but it’s for the removable silver oxide battery. It works but I cannot find anyone selling replacement batteries. Can I still get those? Thanks for the info.

  2. Hi, I have the older Starkey Muse Ric 312t and would like to use the new rechargeable system. Can you upgrade my units and at what cost?
    Jim Wilcox

    1. Hi James, I wish this were possible. The lithium-ion rechargeable systems that are used today require an entire hardware change of your hearing aids. There is no way to retrofit your old devices to use a charger. Now, the rechargeable system is available in every level of tech so you can get it in a set of hearing aids from $3000 a pair on up to the top of the line. When you are ready to upgrade to new tech, the rechargeable feature won’t be the only advantage you will appreciate. Bluetooth connectivity, better directionality of sound, and clearer speech in noise will all be a benefit to you.

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