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Best Recommendations by Levine Hearing COVID-19

To our patients and community,

Throughout the past two weeks, Levine Hearing carefully followed the developing information regarding COVID-19. As health care providers, in a known impacted area, we feel it is important to follow public health recommendations to help prevent transmission in the community.

Steps Taken By Levine Hearing

As a result, our office is taking the following steps to protect our patients, staff and community from transmission of COVID-19. We are CANCELLING all appointments from April 1st through April 30th. We will continue to treat patients who require urgent care. Please call our office for the on-call information, if you have an emergency.

We will assess the situation daily, and communicate regularly with our patients regarding the timing of resuming routine hearing care. If you have an appointment scheduled during the weeks of April 1st – 30th, the appointment has been cancelled and Levine Hearing will contact you in the coming days to reschedule.

We know that cancelling appointments will impact our patient’s schedules. However, the safety of our patients, staff and community is our priority. At this time, we believe that halting routine care and reinforcing social distancing are the most effective and responsible steps we can take to support public health in our office and our community.

Our Team is committed to keeping you informed, meeting your future hearing needs and working with you to keep our community strong. We will be in touch. Stay safe and be well.

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