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5 Essential Ways to Connect With Hearing Aids

What are we celebrating this month?

May is ‘Better Hearing & Speech Month“, and the theme this year is building connections and we want to share 5 essential ways to connect with your loved ones through better hearing! Did you know that people who have untreated hearing loss are more likely to experience social isolation? This can lead to depression, anxiety, and even paranoia. Check out this study by The National Council on the Aging- they found that individuals who wear professionally fit hearing aids were more likely to report higher satisfaction in a variety of areas including personal relationships, self-confidence, and overall quality of life. Interestingly enough, the family members and loved ones of the hearing aid users were even more inclined to report overall improvement in quality of life for the hearing aid wearer after the hearing aids were fit. 

Hearing aids are the first step toward great hearing, but sometimes you need a little extra boost in those particularly difficult listening environments. Fortunately, there are a variety of accessories available that can be paired up with your hearing aids to make speech understanding just a bit easier! These are essential ways to connect in the sense that these accessories give you a strong foundation on which to build a customized hearing system. Keep reading to see if one of these might be beneficial to you. 

Accessories and Features To Optimize Your Hearing

Essential Ways to Connect

  1. Bluetooth – If you have a smartphone, Bluetooth hearing aids are a great way to make listening to your phone conversations so much easier. You’ll be able to hear the phone conversation in both ears which can really help with overall clarity and word understanding. In addition to phone call streaming, let us show you how to download an app on your phone which will give you control over your hearing aids! Adjust volume, switch into custom programs, and even turn down background noise right from your app.
  2. Captioned Telephones – Don’t have a smartphone? No worries! Captioned phones are a great alternative and one of the most essential ways to connect with loved ones. In addition to hearing the phone call as you typically would, a captioned phone will show a transcript of what the other person is saying so you can follow the conversation without missing a word. And the best part? It’s free! Ask us how to get your captioned phone today!
  3. Remote Microphones – In a world where everything is being done remotely, being able to pair your hearing aids to your computer is as important as ever. Whether you’re having a virtual meeting with your co-workers or trying to catch up over video chat with your family, you’ll be able to hear the entire conversation directly through your hearing aids. Maybe you’re ready to head back to the office or meet up with a small group of friends and you’re concerned about how well you’ll be able to follow the conversation. No worries! These devices can also serve as microphones that pick up the speakers voice and transmit the signal to your hearing aids. This can be especially beneficial when trying to communicate in the presence of background noise or when the speaker is at a distance! In fact, studies like this one have shown that hearing aid users who also use a remote microphone in busy environments report significantly better speech understanding.
  4. Remote Control – Remote controls are great for the hearing aid user who has felt comfortable and confident with his or her hearing devices but is looking to have a bit more control. With a device small enough to fit in your pocket, you’ll be able to discreetly adjust volume and switch into custom built hearing aid programs with the tap of a button.
  5. TV Steamer – Streaming your television directly to your ears gives you incredible sound quality (even on those British shows!). We can customize how much your external microphones are turned down, so that you can focus on your show. This is just one of many essential ways to connect and maximize your benefit from your hearing aids.

After a unique year of social isolation, we want to help you get reconnected to those you love most. Accessories are a great complement to traditional hearing aids and can really give the extra boost you may need to keep you feeling confident as we ease back into more social settings. Come see us at Levine Hearing, and we will help guide you toward the accessories that will best meet your needs! 

5 Essential Ways to Connect With Hearing Aids

“It was in my undergraduate years that I realized my passion for bringing the gift of sound to those who felt isolated and without hope. It is my philosophy that each patient leaves every appointment feeling as though they have a better understanding of the problem we are tackling together, and they have hope for positive outcomes.” – Eileen Clark, Audiologist

9 thoughts on “5 Essential Ways to Connect With Hearing Aids

  1. Best thing I ever did was to consult with Madison and be fitted with my rechargeable hearing aids!
    Maggie is also very welcoming every time I visit the office. 😊

  2. I never knew how much I would appreciate the hands free bluetooth feature on my new hearing aids fitted by Levine Hearing. I talk on the phone all day and was never able to wear a headset that I could hear well on. It’s been amazing to gubdkky enjoy being “hands free”!

    1. Hands-free rocks! A lot of people say that podcasts and audiobooks have felt more accessible because they are always just a touch away while waiting in a Dr.’s office, running errands, etc.

  3. I love being connected and established with Levine hearing independent provider. Madison’s personal involvement and expertise is amazing. She is always reachable for any questions and or advice. After 3 years of seeing her I would continue I continue to be ver pleased.

  4. GREAT listing of ways to be connected– naturally I am a MASSIVE fan of the bluetooth but not all ways are for everyone- so the fact that there are so many other ways is such a blessing for so many people–thanks for pointing this out and showing so many options!

  5. I can listen to podcast with my phone laying on the couch in my den and go over to the kitchen and cook dinner and it sounds like the phone is right at my ear. I can also hear my phone ring while it is zipped up in my purse. I used to miss calls that way! I got Starkey rechargeable hearing aids from Levine Hearing. I love all the employees there!

    1. I love that! This is such a great real world example of how technology can make life easier- and fun! Thanks for the comment, Alice!

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